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Our Dogs

Penny 2.JPG


Penny is a silver beige F1b Goldendoodle. This sweet girl loves cuddles and attention. She's lower energy, easy going and absolutely loves kids.

Breed Breakdown: 73.9% Poodle 26.1% Golden Retriever

Weight: 60 Pounds

Coat Type: +/- Wavy

Genetic Testing: Clear

Ofa Elbows: Normal

Ofa Cardia: Normal

Pennhip: Right DI=.34, Left DI=.40 


Bailey is a multigenerational Goldendoodle. She comes from deep red non-fading lines. She is a social butterfly and has never met a stranger.

 Breed Breakdown: 89.3% Poodle 10.7% Golden Retriever 

Weight: 44 pounds

Coat Type: +/- wavy

Genetics: Clear

Ofa Elbows: Normal

Ofa Cardiac: Normal

Ofa Hips: Good

Bailey Teddy Bear.JPG

 Juniper Ridge Your Royal Highness "Duke"

Duke is brown parti F1bb Goldendoodle. He is smart as a whip and very eager to please.

Breed Breakdown: 85.8% Poodle 14.2 Golden Retriever 

Weight:60 pounds

Coat Type: +/+ curly

Genetics: Clear

Ofa Hips: Good

Ofa Elbows: Normal

Ofa Cardiac: Normal

Ofa Eyes: Pending

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