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Meet The Breeder

Hi I'm Ali,

I'm the Goldendoodle Breeder behind Dream A Little Doodle. Along with my husband and 4 children we raise Standard and Medium Goldendoodle puppies in Dallas, Tx. Our main focus is to produce even tempered puppies that will forever leave their paw print embedded in your heart. We pour our heart and soul into each and every puppy because we believe in raising puppies with a purpose.

Areli, the Goldendoodle Breeder behind Dream A Little Doodle raising goldendoodle puppies

"From our family to yours"

Our Story

Growing up I've always loved animals.Their was something about them that always drew me to them. I was on the road to Veterinary School, but the universe had other plans for me. I soon married, welcomed our first daughter, and started working at a pediatric hospital. There I met Badger, the therapy dog who just happened to be a Goldendoodle and I instantly fell in love with the breed. Fast Forward to 2017 we added our first F1 Goldendoodle to our family and he was the perfect addition. I was mesmerized by his teddy bear look, his demeanor, and how gentle  and patient he was with our rowdy children. I then begin researching everything about breeding from genetics, health testing, and structure. I became part of GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) which is a non-profit breed club for Goldendoodles which holds breeders to high standards and requires them to do health testing, evaluate structure, as well as temperament to make sure we are breeding for the betterment of the breed. 

Goldendoodle breeder family that help raise puppies in Dallas, Tx
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